Ganraj Share Market Share classes

About Us...

I am a professional in the share market for about 5 years and having teaching experience in share market from last five years.

So the idea behind to start the share market training classes to share my experience with new investors who are ready to invest in the market but doesn't know how to go about it. Keeping this in mind I have started taking the classes and educating new investors about how to invest in share market, the knowhow’s of the market and how not to lose money!!!

As new comers generally look at the market to make money, but the primary study of the market should be “how not to lose money”, rather than “how to make money”.

I have started taking the classes from 2013 and I have undergone many new investors who are happy with the knowledge I have imparted upon them. As I go about educating them about the Technical aspect of the market before putting their money in random Stocks or putting the money on market tips which are generally harmful for the investors.

We have started our two branches one is in Pune and other is Karad (Satara).

Share Market Planning

Understanding share market planning, investment through classroom and workshops for teaching, learning and understanding basics.

Marketing Research

Understanding current trend in market, ups and down. Detailed technical analysis of stocks with charts

Student Benefits

Trading is good idea in stock market to earn extra income.Getting the share market knowledge and make able to invest in share market

Portfolio Management

Expert Management,
Active in Risk Management,
Management of Funds.